We can learn how to rediscover and develop our natural intuitive abilities, to enhance our mental and emotional balance in order to enhance our professional life, to create more of what we want in our lives and to help those we know create more in theirs. Each of us needs to develop conscious control over the ability to get any hidden information in the past, in the present and in the future so as to make good decisions. To rediscover the lost power, we have to learn how to actively observe and record our impressions, interpreting them, and finally integrating them with our other mental processes.


The first step towards intuitive development is to open dialogue with the universe. The reason why we don’t have all the answers is because we don’t know how to ask all the questions. Intuition is not limited by space and time hence we know the answer to any question. We can know anything as long as we know the right questions to ask.

We dwell on challenges because we have not individually and collectively known how to open up the passage way to the resources of our mind and listen to the universe to create solution. We are doing things the same way and expect a different result. Usually all that is missing in our lives is a question – the right question that will open our mind to see the interconnectedness of things. To see the part of us that transcends race, nationality, religion, political system, and ideology. Recently, I heard the news that the burning of forests by farmers in Indonesia is affecting the weather and health of people in Singapore. The universe talks to us, but we must learn how to open our minds and listen to the right things we are being asked to do, otherwise our technological and natural resources may end up not being a blessing. We have to open our minds and search our conscience for answers to how we can harmonize our materialism and spirituality.

We need to open our minds to become intuitive. We were born intuitive but we lost the natural ability due to environmental influences. As our heart opens, so does our intuition. A closed hand cannot receive anything, so also a closed mind cannot receive information that is useful for the well–being of the person and the people around him or her. An open mind is not hard but listens to every message being relayed to it. The beginning of the intuitive journey is learning to be in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind. When our minds are opened, there is no more resistance but surrendering and giving, we begin to recognize the different signs begging us for attention to make us become conscious.  A leader anywhere in the world cannot see, or hear, or feel the pain of his followers, because his inner senses are not open.

It is the little questions that make up life. To open our inner senses up or the door to intuition, we begin to give intuitive answers to questions being asked by our minds that no one could think to ask us other than our own self. Each individual’s life boils down to the ultimate question: What is most important to me in life?

Next time other ideas will be discussed on how to develop intuition.