Power of Noticing
In continuation of my post on how to develop intuition, let us consider the power of noticing next. The inner eye is one of the organs being used to notice the information sent to the inner senses. What we notice is symbolic; hence it is has to be recognized. The symbol is a messenger talking intuitively to us through the body based on what we see in our mind; by giving it the needed notice, the information it is trying to pass across comes to us.
The Power of Noticing makes us understand the importance of the body as an interface with the world, to become intuitive we need to get familiar with it, not just from our neck up but from our neck down. Usually the noise or distractions around us is so much that we may not notice the symbols talking to us. To enhance our ability to notice, we need to spend a few minutes each day to listen to the voice which may appear as body signals, gut–feeling, a hunch, an image, a sound, a memory, an instant knowing or goose bumps.
Sometimes something sparks my memory of a place I have already been, a person I have already seen, or an act I have already done. Now I can understand it is a signal to pay special attention to what is taking place; perhaps to receive a specific lesson in a certain area or complete what is not yet finished. It is good to note that I can execute my projects with less mistakes and excuses by taking great notice of every signal and signs, and noticing what I notice. Everything I notice has reason and meaning, there are no coincidences. Everything is a sign which can be interpreted. Every moment – past, present, and future – has a meaning. Every sign, every act, every deed, and everything I notice can be traced to the past and is being noticed in the present through the filter I am using in the moment. And everything I notice has an application and a meaning in the future.
Our subconscious mind tells us what to notice, it knows what is important to us. Our decisions are an amalgam of diverse, and often conflicting, facts, feelings, thoughts, and memories arising from what we have unconsciously noticed. Personally I have a lot to learn from the example of George Soros who used the Power of Noticing effectively. In his book Soros on Soros, the multi-millionaire mentioned how he had noticed certain signals. He said, “When I was running the Fund, I suffered from backache. I used the onset of acute pain as a signal that there was something wrong in my portfolio.” When others were using logic to analyze the market, he used the position of his backache to take positions and cut his losses in the market. I found it noteworthy that the power of noticing is helpful in improving my health, my relationships, my finances, and my personality.