Power of Trusting

It is revealing that power of pretending leads to power of trusting in order to develop intuition. I can train myself to develop a mindset that doesn’t need to see evidence before believing, and a fixed mental attitude to overcome challenges. I can also develop the ability to comprehend issues and believe in a certain way. To trust is to have insight into hidden things, going beyond what can be explained ordinarily, and identifying the limitations of logic and rationality as the sole means of guidance. In my daily decisions I have the ability to consciously use my internal senses and power of trusting to obtain hidden information on any subject, and to dissolve doubts. Due to intellectual reasoning, not many investors can notice and trust the signs being sent to them as the billionaire, George Soros did to buy stocks-  the lesson here is that every miracle in all areas of life is a product of the power of trusting.According to Laura Day, “Intuition is knowing without knowing why you know.” The trick to tapping into the power of intuition is to first understand that it exists. Once we are convinced that we have it in us, we simply have the faith that it works, and sure enough, it will. Intuition makes us to “know” things beyond our field of direct experience and this gives us the wisdom to handle our finances, health, and relationships with wisdom.
Like many others, I previously had difficulty in trusting my intuition because I had preconceived ideas about how the world works and I had been quick to dismiss my intuitive insights with statements like; “That can’t be true. “It is mere coincidence.” Such statements have to be eliminated from our thinking in order to develop our power of trusting.