Power of Reporting

 Our sources of intuitive information are external sensations (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting) and internal sensations (thoughts, feelings, moods, memories). Reporting everything we notice from these sources without one interfering with the other enhances creativity and intelligence. Reporting and drawing from our inner senses give us quickness of perception, an improved mental power such that we cannot be blank on any subject. We enhance our intuitive capacity by learning to take a deep breath, focusing on any one of the internal sensations and allowing it to lead us to another sensation and so on. We also need to allow every ‘noise’ or distraction to recede and report everything we feel without judging its worth, or relevance. Power of reporting entails gathering and noting intuitive information. Learning to report sensations, thoughts, and feelings as they are experienced makes us become articulate and brilliant, for example, a car beeping or nose that itches or any other impression we are receiving that does not make sense to the ordinary minds have to be reported. We don’t need to mentally struggle to receive information from the universe but simply allow whatever we are receiving in response to a question to be reported – therein lies the answer .