Everything that exists in the universe vibrates – each element has energy and generates its own unique frequency, the earth itself vibrates and rotates around its own axis. Words and thoughts are energies, so is water, that is why words and music have the power to change water. Meanwhile, the water content in our bodies is 70 percent hence the need for us to become conscious of the quality of what we think and what we say because they have the power to change our frequencies. Every substance is vibration. We can relate this explanation to our elementary chemistry knowledge that every element can be sub- divided into the smallest particle known as atom which has an electron vibrating and oscillating around its nucleus. At the invisible level, all that exists is particles and waves. Each element or substance has its own unique number of electrons determining its vibration or frequency, therefore no element is solid, but at the invisible level everything is only a nucleus surrounded by an endlessly rotating or vibrating unseen wave. People can see the frequency at which I vibrate just as I can feel the vibration of others when they are moody or joyful depending on the frequency they emit. This teaches us that we can give a good vibration by putting up a smiling face; it is noteworthy that apart from an individual, a country or a location or an institution can give a good or bad vibration- this awareness is useful in that through observation of the vibrating frequency we can choose where to live, where to work, or whom to marry.